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Lost in Space is a science fiction television series based on a reimagining of the 1965 series of the same name.

In the aftermath of an impact event that threatens the survival of humanity, the Robinson family is selected for the 24th mission of the Resolute (24th Colonist Group), an interstellar spacecraft carrying selected families to colonize the Alpha Centauri star system. Before they reach their destination, an alien robot breaches the Resolute's hull. Forced to evacuate the mothership in short-range Jupiter spacecraft, scores of colonists, among them the Robinsons, crash on a nearby habitable planet. There they must contend with a strange environment and battle their own personal demons as they search for a way back to the Resolute. One thing is set in stone, The Robinsons should expect a lot of danger along their journey!

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Lost In Space needs more than three seasons The Robinsons Journey is not over yet.

Do you love the show and would like to see any form of continuation happening? Please consider signing this petition started by @tomtalbotty.

Lost In Space S3 available now!

Lost In Space season 3 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Season 3 release date revealed in teaser

The season 3 teaser trailer revealed that the final season will drop on Netflix 1st of December 2021.

Filming Lost In Space (Season 3) is a wrap!

Lost In Space (Season 3) is officially a wrap with Max and the Robot wrapping last night! I still cannot believe this amazing show is coming to an end with just 3 seasons. Like, I cannot describe what this show means to me. Lost In Space has literally occupied my mind on a daily basis, Ever since I first saw LIS somewhere back in April 2018. Everyone is doing an amazing job making the best show they can. The VFX is just mind-blowing every time. Every episode is unique in it's own way keeping the show fresh. And the plot and music keeps you on the edge of your seat. I obviously cannot wait to see S3 in all it's glory. Hope to see you guys in your future projects/career and hopefully meeting you guys one day. Also it would be amazing if you'll made a new show together. I don't know what S3 is going to bring us, but I can see a sequel happen, if the Robinson's are to make it to Alpha Centauri.

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Mina Sundwall - The Bare Magazine (December 2022)

❝We saved some portraits from our recent shoot with one of our favorite muses, Mina Sundwall, to create a little holiday beauty inspiration for you. She wears some lovely accessories from the festive Jennifer Behr collection. Mina also shares her top 5 holiday beauty bare essentials to get that glow and what’s most important to her this time of the year.❞

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❝We are so thrilled to have the sparkling beautiful talent Mina Sundwall back to bare. She shares her latest projects and passions including her first role in a video game “God of War Ragnarok” as the character Thrud. We had so much fun on our NYC shoot getting Mina into some glammed up moments. Part 2 of this shoot will be coming soon were we spotlight more festive holiday looks…stay tuned! So scroll on dowwwwn for more including her self-care goal for 2023.❞

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Mina Sundwall - PhotoBook Magazine

❝Mina Sundwall, who landed her first role at age of 8 months as a kidnapped baby, is best known for her starring role as Penny Robinson in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Lost In Space,” currently streaming its third and final season. Mina can also be seen in a recurring role on DC's “Legends of Tomorrow,” portraying Lita. She is known for the role of Maya Kellner in the feature film "Freeheld” among an all-star cast including Julianne Moore and Steve Carrell; Justine in the romantic comedy "Maggie's Plan" alongside Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke; and Francesca in Tara Subkoff’s indie horror movie "#Horror." Born and raised in New York City, Mina is half Swedish and half Italian.❞

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Toby Stephens on 'Alex Rider' Season 2 and Saying Goodbye to 'Lost in Space'

❝During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, Stephens talked about why he wanted to play this role, how much he knew about the character going into Season 2, playing the stakes and the reality of the situation rather than focusing on being the villain, how much of a tech guy he is himself, the dynamic between Damian Cray and Alex Rider, and how he feels about his character’s fate. He also talked about how his time on Black Sails compared to Lost in Space, and returning to the London stage for a play in the New Year.❞

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‘Lost in Space’ Producers Zack Estrin, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless on Season 3 and How They Figured Out the Series Finale

❝With Lost in Space Season 3 now streaming on Netflix, I recently spoke with creator/showrunner/executive producer Zack Estrin, and executive producers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless about making the final season of the hit Netflix series. During the interview, they talked about how they ended up with eight episodes instead of ten in the final season, how they originally pitched Netflix on the series, what it was like on the last day of filming, where the idea to jump ahead one year in Season 3 came from, if they were always going to get to Alpha Centauri in the finale, how they learned from other series finale’s on what not to do, and where to find a fun Easter egg in episode seven.❞

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10 fun facts

  1. Grant Kelly is Judy's biological father. Judy Robinson

  2. The Chariots used for filming are not actually electrically driven. Chariot 2

  3. In the original series Penny has a pet alien monkey named Debbie. In the new series the name belongs to Don's pet chicken. Debbie The Chicken

  4. There were only 3-5 Chariots and 2 trailers made for filming. Chariot 2

  5. The series has the same theme music as the original series and the movie - composed by the one and only John Williams. Soundtrack

  6. The planet in season one was inspired by an episode of the original series where the Robinsons were on a planet that's both hot and icy. Unknown Planet

  7. Grant Kelly was the commander of the Fortuna, a ship believed to have been lost twenty years ago. Grant Kelly

  8. Bill Mumy who play's Dr. Zachary Smith, played Will Robinson in the original 1965 tv-series. Dr. Smith

  9. Penny's self written novel (Lost In Space) is named after the show itself. Penny Robinson

  10. Molly Parker's brother was the foreman of the set construction crew. Maureen Robinson


Debbie The Chicken